There is no longer a person nor an organization that can no longer compete or survive in the new economic system established after the global crisis without sharing and associating with complements that add value. The result is always better to the individual and opens up unknown opportunities.

INNOOMNI bets on strong companies in innovation, with passion for the new challenges and creative culture with guarantees of leadership. The result is highly differential for the client, enjoying global services and a single interlocutor.


ALIAGA GESTIÓN is a reference in integrated solutions and services for companies and freelancers. Using differential care channels and models with high performance professionals and great value for clients. INNOOMNI fully trusts and shares values which is what includes ALIAGA MANAGEMENT in its strategic alliances.

APTUS and INNOOMNI have reached a strategic collaboration agreement for the development of technology-based business models. The pillars of both organizations are complemented by what will bring value, methodological, technological and innovation strength to its clients. Both have a clear ambition for international growth that will enhance their travel.