Corporate Rehabilitator

We are facing a unique opportunity to analyze, diagnose and design the care protocol that brings balance to the Organization.

The Organization is a multicellular being where each one represents an important and vital role for the correct functioning of all the organs and groups with global responsibilities or simply of support. Just as we need the Sports Rehabilitator and the Physiotherapist to keep our body in an optimal state to withstand life's challenges and to respond reliably to external agents, the Organization needs an CORPORATE REHABILITATOR who knows the weaknesses and chronic or circumstantial pathologies That limit the good deployment of the activity in all its areas.

The actor must be external to the Organization itself because of it’s ability to abstract itself from obsolete vices, routines and procedures like "it has always been done this way here". The professional will know, through the diagnostic protocols, the health of the Organization and where it is necessary to act. Assistance will be accurate, limited, but with a global vision of areas experiencing difficulties.