Closely linked to Corporate Culture the EMOTIONAL LEADERSHIP is an effective measure at the personal and group levels. So important is the degree of emotional leadership in each one of the people as the result that a team throws, which can become very different from the individual.

"When we join forces under a common goal, the possibilities for success grow exponentially, strengths are limited, and yet they have achieved great feats throughout history, what will happen if we put in the gray matter of people to work together? Collective Intelligence is not exclusive to humans, we have amazing examples between animals and even plants, although it is not very wise to speak of " Intelligence "in these cases, of exponential increase of their forces and competences after a union by the collective objective .. For this reason Howard Bloom coined the" CI Group "to focus on our species”. This paragraph is taken from my article "Hacemos "güija organizativa" La Inteligencia Corporativa en la Organización" and I have brought it because it demonstrates the power of the group, both for the greatest successes and for those most tragic failures.

Emotional Intelligence has passioned me since the decade of the nineties when Daniel Goleman showed it in a natural and didactic way. But Intelligence is not enough, it needs to be accompanied by an important degree of Leadership to achieve the goals defined in corporate strategies. That is why I speak of EMOTIONAL LEADERSHIP as an explicitly necessary condiment in a process of cultural transformation. Not all people possess innate leadership and therefore it is more complicated that they are emotionally assertive and empathetic, firm and guides.

INNOOMNI makes available to the Organizations an accurate evaluation of the capacity of each individual and of the whole in work teams to undertake transformative tasks. A degree that will facilitate the design of the strategy in Corporate Innovation in its pillar of Corporate Culture