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"The performance of medical professionals will increase exponentially with the use of cognitive techniques, both in diagnosis and treatment design and in the global knowledge of pathology / patient".


The new professional rol: Corporate Rehabilitator

September 14th 2017  

"Emprende" RTVE 24h Channel


March 15, 2017

ALIAGA GESTIÓN is a reference in integrated solutions and services for companies and freelancers. Using differential care channels and models with high performance professionals and great value for clients.


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November 2, 2016

APTUS, technology company, and INNOOMNI have reached a strategic agreement in the convergence of their business objectives. With pillars and convergent models, they will achieve a global service power with an international spirit..

Rector St. (Wall St.)  -  NY

Trip to New York

October 14-24, 2016

For 10 days I have been able to contrast innovative positions and concerns with professionals from different sectors and areas. From the Big Apple to the most creative areas of the Hudson Valley I have contrasted the level of cultural and business transformation.
INNOOMNI has been able to know at first hand the main markets where the investment is currently focused: Robotics, Transportation and Health ... FinTech is being abandoned due to little real impact.
INNOOMNI has opened talks with several projects to initiate disruptive collaborations in the social and consumer framework.

Post: "FINTECH, the beginning of the digital bubble?"

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"You have to be very careful with starting investments that are not supported by complete strategies of your business and the people that compose it".

Artículo: "Chronicity and the never ending story"

Posted on January 24 , 2017 in COMPUTERWORLD

"Chronicity should not be assumed chronic. Both the economic and the human cost must be addressed since the model change".