My extensive experience in different companies, internationally, my studies and personal and professional requirements, position me in the deep knowledge of the current state of business models in different areas of the world, specifically Europe and the USA. Margins of the historic Atlantic Ocean that revolves in its memories when verifying the conquest in the opposite direction.

I want each of the readers to find inspiration, support, encouragement, support for the ideas or decisions that are being made about innovation.

Thanks for the access and I encourage you to share your concerns, opinions and criticisms..

Ramón Luis Gil Barrigüete

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Several years ago I started the challenge of translating my professional concerns into a blog I called "DELUSION". It’s an English word that can be assimilated to the magic of the illusionists, the moment in which they surprise us with a revelation that we did not expect.

All my articles want to reveal a reality, a way of doing, a basic model on which to build the new Organization of the present. It is not intended to fix fashions (which are transient) or even to establish dogmatic bases (always easily rebuttable) The objective is to encourage reflection, to point out methods and pillars on which to structure the Corporate Innovation Plan of each Organization, the type and purpose to be.